O Friend Does The Pathway Seem Lonely An

O friend, does the pathway seem lonely and long,
Go forward with no doubt or fear;
The devil will flee at the triumphant song,
That Heaven rejoices to hear.

I’ll go every step of the way;
I’ll go every step of the way;
Come sorrow or pain, come loss or come gain,
I’ll go every step of the way.

Like David tho’ giants before you may tow’r,
Go forward in Victory’s name;
Our Jesus in heaven and earth has all pow’r
His promise remaineth the same. [Refrain]

The way it may lead thro’ the dark prison door,
Go on in the name of your king;
Think of Silas and Paul who have gone on before,
The joy of the Lord made them sing. [Refrain]

When Daniel of old to the lions’ den went,
His purpose of heart did not fail;
If your hands are washed clean and your heart is made pure,
In the name of the Lord you’ll prevail. [Refrain]

The three Hebrews walked through the fire without fear,
By faith they rejoiced o’er the foe,
With the “Fourth like the Son of our God” ever near,
We’ll onward in victory go. [Refrain]

See Stephen, the faithful, stand true to his God,
“Forgive them.” was all he could say,
He saw heaven open, beheld his dear Lord,
And went every step of the way. [Refrain]