O Friend Of Sinners Son Of God

O Friend of sinners, Son of God,
Who this drear vale of tears hast trod,
Thou blest Immanuel,
To Thee in faith we now appeal;
The pow’r is Thine to bless and heal,
Thou doest all things well.

The deaf, the dumb, the halt, the blind,
In Thee, incarnate God, did find
Relief in their distress;
And lepers, pleading aid divine,
Found healing in a word of Thine,
For Thou canst heal and bless.

Our grateful prayers ascend to Thee,
For Thou hast healed sin’s leprosy,
And cleansed us from its stain.
O blest Physician, Thou hast still
A cure for every mortal ill,
A balm for every pain.

Our lives we consecrate to Thee,
Thou spotless Lamb of Calvary,
Let us be wholly Thine.
Cleansed, pardoned, ransomed, healed by Thee,
O grant us grace eternally
To praise Thy love divine.