O Get Ye On To Canaan Dont Die In Egypts

Oh, get ye on to Canaan,
Don’t die in Egypt’s sand;
There’s bread and milk abundant
In that bright, happy land,
No use to live in bondage,
There’s freedom for us all;
If you would take possession,
Oh, heed the Leader’s call.

I remember well the day
When He washed my sins away,
And led me from the wilderness
To Canaan’s blissful clime;
I can never tell you how,
But I have the blessing now;
And oh, I am so happy, oh,
So happy all the time.

Oh, get ye on to Canaan,
Arise, make up your mind!
He’s faithful who has promised,
“Not a hoof be left behind.”
He’ll feed you heav’nly manna,
With quail along the way;
With fire by night He’ll lead you,
With a pillar of cloud by day. [Chorus]

Don’t fear the road to travel,
The sea will open wide;
The Lord will safely land you
Upon the other side.
Although you may find giants,
“The Lord will fight for you;”
Just keep your eyes upon Him,
He’ll take you safely through. [Chorus]

Oh, Canaan is a good land,
A land of running brooks,
Of fountains in the valleys,
Of rills in shady nooks;
A land of wheat and barley,
Pomegranates, rich and fine,
With olive-oil and honey, –
Praise God, these all are mine! [Chorus]