O Glorious Day When The Savior

O glorious day when the Savior
Returns with His saints to reign!
Ten thousand glad voices shall praise Him,
In one grand and jubilant strain;
Enthroned on the kingdom of David,
In peace He shall rule the world;
His armies shall compass the whole earth,
With His banner of love unfurled.

Then watch, for ye know not the day, nor the hour
When the Lord shall come;
Be ready, be serving, in faith watch and pray,
His coming may be today.

When fullness of time was fast dawning,
The Savior was born one day;
To offer Himself as a ransom,
The debt of transgression to pay;
But when He returns in His glory,
His government shall increase;
His name shall be Wonderful, Counselor,
The Mighty God, Prince of Peace. [Refrain]

It may be at morning or evening,
At midnight or noonday fair,
The sleeping ones shall with the living
Be caught up with Christ in the air;
What comfort to those who are waiting,
What joy to the pure in heart;
The promise of Christ of His coming
Again nevermore to depart. [Refrain]