O Glorious God Eternal

O glorious God! eternal and wise,
Thou Maker of worlds, and Lord of the skies-
To Thee would we lift glad carols of praise,
For all Thy rich gifts and wonderful ways;
When earth without form lay mantled in night,
Thy lips spoke the word, and lo! there was light;
When men in his strength came forth from Thy hand,
He found his first dwelling a paradise land.

O bountiful God! attentive and kind,
Thou fullness of light to souls that are blind-
To Thee would we yield the tribute of love.
For blessings on earth and mansions above;
The mercies of life are held in Thy hand,
The angels of help around Thee now stand;
For every earth-want, and every soul-need,
As beams of the morning with succor they speed.

O All-loving God! benignant and pure,
Thou Saviour of souls, whose promise is sure-
To Thee would we give the love of our hearts,
And take of Thy grace with all it imparts;
The cross of Thy Son, all crimson with blood,
Assures us of life beyond the dark flood;
For Jesus has died our ransom to pay,
To lead us in triumph to glory’s bright day.