O Glorious Promises Of God

O, glorious promises of God!
Each one a priceless gem!
The richest diamonds of the earth
Are naught compared to them.
Most blessed boon to mortals giv’n,
To cheer life’s dreary way;
Bright lights let down to show the path
To everlasting day.

Sweet promises! God’s promises!
Dear treasures of my soul:
With these I’m rich, with theses secure,
While endless ages roll.

No failure in his promises,
But steadfast, firm and sure;
The word of our unchanging God
For ever shall endure.
Tho’ heav’n and earth shall pass away,
And all we love may die,
God’s promises to us remain,-
On these we may rely. [Refrain]

Believing them, the Spirit’s pow’r
Renews and purifies,
Thro’ Christ’s all-cleansing, precious blood,
Our perfect sacrifice.
O, glorious legacy of heav’n,
So rich, so vast and free!
These precious promises divine,
Securing all to me. [Refrain]