O God Before I Slumber

O God, before I slumber
This night, now dark and somber,
Incline Thine ear to me;
For all, which Thou hast given,
For Thy sweet gifts from heaven,
I give my humble thanks to Thee.

Thy grace and lovingkindness
To me, beset with blindness,
I do not understand;
The more Thy gifts I ponder,
The greater is my wonder,
When I behold Thy bounteous hand.

Each day, anew beginning,
I know that I am sinning
Against Thy precious Word;
But Thou my sins forgives,
Thou, who forever livest,
A merciful and faithful Lord.

Thou unto me art bending
And hearest when I’m sending
To Thee my longing sigh;
My soul Thy grace adoreth,
Thy Spirit me restoreth,
To worship Thee, my God on high.

O Lord, my Comfort tender,
To Thee I do surrender
My body, soul, and all.
I lay me down sleeping,
Relying on Thy keeping,
And on Thy mighty arm I fall.