O God Have Mercy Upon Me Accordinggrac

O God, have mercy upon me
according to thy grace;
According to thy mercies great,
my trespasses efface.
O wash me throughly from my guilt,
and from my sin me clear;
For I my trespass own; my sins
before me still appear.

Against Thee, Thee alone I sinn’d;
the crime was in thy sight:
So when Thou speakest Thou art just;
and thy whole judgment right.
Behold, how in iniquity
I did my shape receive;
And that my mother stain’d from sin,
in sin did me conceive.

Behold, thou dost desire the truth
within the inward part:
O do Thou make me wisdom know
in secret of my heart.
With sprinkling hyssop cleanse thou me,
and I shall spotless grow:
O wash Thou me, and then shall I
be whiter than the snow.

[ Part]
Of joy and gladness make Thou me
to hear again the voice;
That so the bones which Thou hast broke
may yet again rejoyce.
From the beholding of my sins
O turn away thy face;
And all my vie iniquities
O do Thou quite efface.

Clean heart O GOD, in me create;
renew a spirit right
In me: () and cast me not away
out of thy happy sight:
Nor thy Pure Spirit from me take.
Restore the joy to me,
Of thy salvation, and uphold
me with thy spirit free.
Then will I teach thy ways to those
who work iniquity;
And happily shall sinners then,
converted be to Thee.

[ Part]
O GOD! of my salvation God!
free me from guilt of blood;
And of thy saving righteousness
my tongue shall sing aloud.
Lord, open Thou my lips, and forth
my mouth thy praise shall sing:
For Thou desir’st not sacrifice;
or I the same would bring:
Burnt off’rings Thou delight’st not in.
Of GOD the sacrifice
A spirit broke: a contrite heart,
GOD Thou wilt not despise.
In thy good pleasure, O do good
to Zion bounteously:
The walls of thy Jerusalem,
O build Thou up on high.

The sacrifice of righteousness
shall pleas Thee then; and they
Burnt off’rings, whole burnt off’rings, calves,
will on thine altar lay.