O God Have Mercy Upon Me Accordingkind

O God have mercy upon me,
According to thy kindness dear,
And as thy mercies many be,
O do thou my transgressions clear.
From my perverseness wash me thro’,
And from my sins me purifie.
For my transgressions I do know,
My sin is still before mine eye.

‘Gainst thee, thee only sinn’d have I,
And done this evil in thy sight:
That when thou speak’st thou just may’st be,
And when thou judgest, cleared quite.
Behold perverse iniquity
Was that estate I shap’d was in:
My mother that conceived me,
Ev’n she did me conceive in sin.

Behold it is the truth that thou
Desirest in the inward part:
And thou shalt make me wisdom know
Within the secret of my heart.
O from my sin me purify
With hyssop, clean I shall be so,
O wash thou me, and so shall I
In whiteness go beyond the snow.

Of joyfulness and gladness make
Thou me to hear again the voice:
That so the bones which thou didst break,
Again they gladly may rejoice.
Hide from my sins thy face apart,
Blot out all mine iniquities.
O God create in me clean heart,
In me renew right sp’rit likewise.

Cast me not out from thee before,
nor from me take thy sp’rit away.
Me thy salvation joy restore,
And me with thy free spirit stay.
Thy way transgressors teach I will,
And sinners shall be turn’d to thee.
O God, God of my safety still:
From guilt of blood deliver me.

Thy righteousness aloud record,
In singing shall my tongue also.
Set open thou my lips, O Lord,
And forth thy praise my mouth shall show.
For thou no offering dost desire;
Or else I would freely bring:
Nor yet a sacrifice require,
Thou takest no delight therein.

But unto God the sacrifice
Well pleasing is a broken sp’rit:
O God thou never wilt despise
The heart that’s broken and contrite.
O do thou good to Sion hill,
In thy good pleasure bounteously:
And of Jerusalem up still
Do thou the walls repair on high.

Sacrifices of justice then
Shall pleasure thee; burnt-offering
And whole burnt offering: then thy shall
Their calves unto thine altar bring.