O God Have Mercy Upon Me For Men

O GOD, have mercy upon me;
for men would me devour’
They fighting with me constantly,
oppress me with their pow’r.
Mine enemies continually,
to swallow me, devise;
And they are many, O most high,
who up against me rise.

But whensoever I’m afraid,
or terror seizes me;
Then I repair to Thee my strength,
and rest my self on Thee.
In GOD his faithful word I’ll praise:
O GOD, I’ll trust in Thee;
And then I will not be afraid
what flesh can do to me.

They daily wrest my words to speak
a sens I never meant;
And to bring injuries on me,
their tho’ts are wholly bent.
In close assemblies they combine,
and wicked projects lay:
They watch my steps, and lie in wait
to make my soul their prey.

Shall they by all their wickedness
escape thy dreadful frown?
O GOD, Thou wilt in anger cast
those wicked people down.

[ Part]

Of all my wand’rings to and fro,
Thou hast the reck’ning took;
Into thy bottle put my tears:
are they not in thy book?
Then turned back shall be my foes;
when I cry out to Thee:
For this I know assuredly,
that God will be for me.

In GOD I’ll praise his faithful word,
which He fulfils always;
His word which he to me performs,
I in the Lord will praise;
In GOD I trust, and will not fear
what flesh can do to me.
Thy vows upon me are, O GOD:
I’ll render praise to Thee.

For Thou hast sav’d my soul from death,
when it was near to me:
And wilt Thou not uphold my feet,
and keep from falling free?
That I before the face of GOD
may walk in uprightness!
And in the light of those who live
continually Thee bless.