O God In Mercy Mild

O God, in mercy mild,
Preserve me as Thy child,
And be to me a Father and Defender;
Teach me, when shadows fall,
Upon Thy name to call
And lift my hands to Thee for mercy tender.

Teach me with joy to hail
The hope that can not fail,
Which Thou didst give to me in life’s bright morning;
Teach me in life and death
With care to keep the faith,
And follow Thee with love and ardor burning.

Teach me like birds to sing
The songs that hope will bring
To him who toils as well as to the rover;
Teach me in darkest night
As birds to make my flight
To Thee who with Thy pinions me wilt cover.

Teach me, when clouded skies
Do veil my spirit’s eyes
And foes attack and thorns and thistles tear me,
To trust in Thee, O God,
Who guides with Thy rod,
Until the light breaks through the clouds that scare me.

Teach me some day to die,
As seeds that sprouting lie,
With hope for life beyond death’s gloomy portal,
Where I shall meet with friends,
Whom Jesus Christ attends,
In Paradise among the saints immortal.