O God In Whose All Searching Eye

O God, in Whose all-searching eye
Thy servants stand, to ratify
The vow baptismal, by them made,
When first Thy hand was on them laid;
Bless them, O Holy Father, bless,
Who Thee, with heart and voice confess;
May they, acknowledged as Thine own,
Stand evermore before Thy throne.

O Christ, Who didst at Pentecost
Send down from heaven the Holy Ghost;
And at Samaria baptize
Those whom Thou didst evangelize;
And then on Thy baptized confer
The best of gifts, the Comforter,
By apostolic hands, and prayer;
Be with us now, as Thou wert there.

Arm these Thy soldiers, mighty Lord,
With shield of faith, and Spirit’s sword;
Forth to the battle may they go,
And boldly fight against the foe,
With banner of the cross unfurled,
And by it overcome the world;
And so at last receive from Thee
The palm and crown of victory.

Come, ever blessed Spirit, come,
And make Thy servant’s hearts Thy home;
Thus consecrated, Lord, to Thee,
May each a living temple be.
Enrich that temple’s holy shrine
With sevenfold gifts of grace divine;
With wisdom, light, and knowledge, bless,
Strength, counsel, fear, and godliness.