O God My Heart Hath Left This World

O God, my heart hath left this world;
Its joys are all as dross to me;
Since I have seen Thy wondrous love
My soul doth cling alone to Thee!

Christ is all this world to me;
Soon His glory I shall see;
And before I’d leave my Savior
I would give my life, and die!

Thou precious, living, loving Lord,
Who died for me on Calvary,
The love that wore for me the thorns
Hath won my heart away from me. [Refrain]

The pierced hands and bleeding side,
The blood sweat in Gethsemane,
The wand’ring sheep which Thou didst seek
Proclaim Thy love so full and free. [Refrain]

O Lord, fore’er to Thee I cling;
From hence Thou’rt all in all to me!
May I Thy pow’r and glory see
Till I shall rest in heav’n with Thee. [Refrain]