O God My Heart Is Fixed My Tongue Shall

O God, my heart is fixed;
My tongue shall sing thy praise,
Awake both psaltery, and harp;
Myself I’ll early raise.
Among the people, Lord,
I’ll praise thy glorious name;
And to the nations round about,
I’ll sing, and spread thy fame.

Thy mercy, Lord, the heavens
Thy truth, the clouds, transcend,
O let thy glory, heavens above,
And o’er the earth, extend.
That thy beloved, still,
Deliverance may have;
O hear the fervent prayers I make,
And let thy right hand save.

God spake in his holiness,
My joy’s it cannot fail;
Fair Shechem’s soil, I will divide,
And. meet out Succoth’s vale.
Gilead is on my side,
Manassah owns my cause;
Ephraim’s large tribe’s my chiefest strength,
And Judah gives forth laws.

Moab shall wash my feet,
O’er Edom I will tread;
The proud Philistian lords shall stoop,
And to my triumphs add.
Who to the city strong.
And Edom’s towers shall lead?
Lord, wilt not thou, who cast us off,
Our armies now succeed?

From trouble give us help,
Man’s help is vain we own.
Through God, we shall do valiant acts;
‘Tis he, our foes treads down.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,