O God My Lord How Greats My Hoard

I. O God, my Lord!
How great’s my Hoard
Of Sin to Condemnation!
And where’s the Means
In these sad Scenes
To make Propitiation?

II. Shall I, to cleanse
Me from my Sins,
Traverse all Lands and Oceans?
Run to and fro
To lose my Woe?
Oh! fruitless empty Notions!

III. No, I will fly
To God, and cry,
O, save me from Damnation;
For what thy Son
Has freely done
Is full Propitiation.

IV. But if thou wilt
Chastise my Guilt,
And make me feel thine Arrows;
Chastise me here;
But keep me clear
Of everlasting Sorrows.

V. And while, Most High,
Thy Arrows flie,
O, grant me Resignation
To thy blest Will,
That ne’er did ill,
And bring me to Salvation.

VI. And deal with me
As seems to Thee
Most good, O, Thou Most Holy!
Do but avert
Th’eternal Smart
That’s due unto my Folly.

VII. As a poor Worm
Before a Storm
(Clouds gath’ring, Thunder growling)
In the Earth hides;
And there abides,
While smoaking Show’rs are falling;

VII. So I, when Sin
And Hell begin
To threaten my Undoing,
Run to the side
Of CHRIST, and hide
Me from the threaten’d Ruin.

IX. His wounded Side
My Soul shall hide,
When Death shall draw his Arrow.
In CHRIST true Faith
Redeems from Death
And Hell and Sin and Sorrow.

X. O! Blessed be
Th’Eternal Three
The Father, Son, and Spirit;
Blest Three in One,
To whom the Son
Restores us by his Merit.