O God My Righteousness Who Art

O God, my righteousness who art,
Whene’er I call, give ear;
Thou hast enlarged me when distressed,
Have mercy, now, and hear.
Ye sons of men, how long will ye
My glory turn to shame?
How long will ye love vanity
And me with lies defame?

But know, the Lord hath set apart
The Godly for his own;
The Lord will hear, when unto him,
I make my humble moan.
Then stand in awe, and do not sin.
But commune with thy heart,
While resting on thy bed, and learn
Contentment’s noble art.

Offer to God pure sacrifice,
Free from all conscious blame;
Then confidently put your trust
Upon Jehovah’s name
While many worldlings eager cry.
Who’ll cause us Good to see?
The cheering light, Lord, of thy face,
Let on us lifted be.

Then wilt thou fill my heart with joy,
More lasting, and divine.
Than they can boast, whose fruitful years
Increase their corn and wine.
Therefore I’ll lay me down in peace,
And sweet repose will take;
For me in confidence to dwell
Thou, Lord, alone, dost make.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,