O God Of All Grace

O God of all grace,
Thy goodness we praise,
Thy Son thou hast given to die in our place:
With joy we approve
The design of thy love,
‘Tis a wonder on eaoth, and a wonder above.

Tongue cannot explain
The love of God-Man,
Which the angels desire to look into in vain.
It dazzles our eyes,
Thought cannot arise,
To find out a cause, why the infinite dies.

Or if pity inclin’d
Him to die for mankind,
The ground of his pity what seraph can find?
He came from above
Our curse to remove
He hath lov’d, he hath lov’d us, because he would love.

Love mov’d him to die,
And on this we rely,
He hath lov’d, he hath lov’d us, we cannot tell why:
But this we can tell,
He hath lov’d us so well
As to lay down his life to redeem us from hell.

He hath ransom’d our race,
O how shall we praise,
Or worthily sing thy unspeakable grace:
Nothing else will we know
In our journey below,
But singing thy grace, to thy Paradise go.

Nay, and when we remove,
To the mansions above,
Our heaven shall still be to sing of thy love;
When time is no more,
We still shall adore
The ocean of love, without bottom or shore.

Ere long we shall fly
To the regions on high,
For Israel’s strength cannot vary or lye:
He soon shall appear,
He more than draws near,
Our Jesus is come, and eternity’s here