O Heart Be Glad And Gay

O heart, be glad and gay,
A blessed hope we know;
Through clouds of darkness drear
The sunshine bright doth flow;
The hand once pierced for me
Has gained a victory,
My blessed Savior rose today.

The Christ arose today, the Lord divine,
The tomb with glory-light doth shine;
Lift up your hearts and sing
To Christ, the victor king,
The blessed One who lives for aye.

Earth robed in fairest green
Blooms forth the Lord to greet;
The lilies pure and white
Bend low to touch His feet;
A song of gladness pours
From morn’s unfolding doors,
The blessed Savior rose today. [Refrain]

Oh, shout, ye starry choirs,
Let hallelujahs ring;
He lives to die no more,
Our prophet, priest and king;
Enthroned in glory bright,
To Heav’n’s eternal light,
The blessed Savior rose today. [Refrain]