O How Many Are Drifting With Lifes Restl

O how many are drifting while life’s restless tide,
On the river of time, t’wards perdition they glide;
Never heeding the warning of shore lights that gleam,
They are tho’tlessly, carelessly drifting down stream.

The pull up the stream,
Tho’ the current be strong,
Bravely take up your stand against sin,
O, fight the wrong;
Then pull up the stream, sailor bend to the oar,
For soon you will be anchored near the shining shore.

It is easy to drift in the current so strong,
It is easy to follow the great careless throng;
But to pull up the stream against waves and the storm,
It takes power of purpose God’s will to perform. [Refrain]

Are you pulling up stream with your pilot and guide,
Christ the Savior will help you life’s storm to out ride;
If you faithfully bravely your voyage persue,
On to Celestial shores there’ll be welcome for you. [Refrain]