O Jesu Bridegroom Of My Soul

I. O Jesu! Bridegroom of my Soul,
Make me, a broken Vessel, whole,
By that sweet Blood which on the Tree
Thou pourest out for Sin and me.

II. Full of Reproach, and full of Fear,
To thy blest Table I draw near.
Oh, tho’ I’m naked, sick and blind,
In Mercy, cast me not behind.

III. O Thou great Master of the Feast,
My King and Spouse, my Rock and Rest,
Who hast o’e Sin the Vict’ry won,
Put me the Wedding Garment on.

IV. O Great Physician, ope my Eyes;
And heal my great Infirmities.
Wash ev’ry sinful Stain away;
And let me taste thy Grace To-day.

V. Drive me from Darkness, Sin and Wrath
Endow me with a Living Fatih;
And mortifie my proud Self-Love:
And let thy Grace my Glory prove.

VI. Thy Body is of Life the Bread
To Man in Sin and Sorrows dead.
Thy Blood’s the sparkling Wine of Love;
The richest in the Stores above.

VII. Hung’ring and thirsting, lo! I come.
Oh, find me at thy Table, Room.
To me of this blest Banquet give:
And let me eat and drink, and live.

VIII. Tear from my Heart the Root of Sin:
And there let Grace and Goodness shine;
Grace to fear God, and Sin eschew;
And Goodness to give all their Due.

IX. What Soul or Body want, supply;
Remove what’s irksome to thine Eye;
Dwell in my Heart; and let me be
In strictest Union with Thee.

X. Against my Soul when Earth and Hell
Shall band; or my own Heart rebel;
Subdue the Foes: My Heart subdue;
And keep me to thy Service true.

XI. Adorn my Conversation, Lord,
With all the Graces of thy Word;
And, oh, prepare me all my Days,
To keep thy law, and sing thy Praise.

XII. That when, O Gracious Prince of Life,
Thou call’st me from this World of Strive,
I may to thy blest Presence rise
And sup with Thee above the Skies.