O Jesu Jesu Dearest Lord

O Jesu, Jesu, dearest LORD,
How wond’rous is thy love!
Thy patience, pity, tenderness,
Which I each moment prove!

O LORD, how faithless is my heart,
How apt to turn aside;
And wander in its own deceits,
Of reasoning and pride!

Yet, dearest Saviour, love me still,
The poorest, and the worst;
For well I know where sin abounds,
Thy grace abounds the most.

Yet let me not thy grace abuse,
And sin because thou’rt good;
But let thy love fill me with shame,
That I thy love withstood.

On me, my King, exert thy pow’r,
Make old things pass away,
Create all new, and draw me still,
Still nearer ev’ry day.

I thank and praise thee, dearest LORD,
For all that thou hast done:
O take me to thee as I am,
For thy redeemed one.