O Jesu Let Me Kiss Thy Name

O Jesu, let me kiss thy name!
All sin alas! Thou knowst I am,
But thou all pity art;
Turn unto flesh my heart of stone,
Such power belongs to thee alone,
Turn into flesh my heart.

A poor unloving wretch to thee
For help against myself I flee;
Thou only canst remove
The hindrances out of thy way,
And soften my unyielding clay,
And mould it into love.

O let thy Spirit shed abroad
The love, the perfect love of God,
In this cold heart of mine!
O might he now descend, and rest,
And dwell forever in my breast,
And make me all divine.

What shall I do my suit to gain?
O Lamb of God, for sinners slain,
I plead what thou hast done:
Didst thou not die the death for me?
Jesu, remember Calvary,
And break this heart of stone.

Take the dear purchase of thy blood,
My friend, and advocate with God,
My ransom and my peace,
Surety, who all my debt hast paid,
For all my sins atonement made,
The Lord my righteousness.

Why didst thou leave thy throne above,
But that the secret of thy love
Might to my soul be known?
Hast thou not giv’n thyself for me,
That I might only live to thee,
Might die to thee alone?

Be it according to thy will,
In me thy mystic love reveal,
And all in earth and heaven
Shall own that I their love outvie:
There’s none can love so much as I,
None hath so much forgiven.