O Jesus My Savior To Thee I Now Come

O Jesus my Saviour, to Thee I now come,
O’erwhelmed in my shame, a wand’rer from home;
I come to the Fountain that’s opened for sin:
O merciful Saviour, help me to come in!

The soul-cleansing Fountain
Is opened for sin.
Let the waters be troubled;
Dear Saviour, just now lead me in.

I know that my guilt like great mountains appears;
I feel as if now the judgment was near,
Heart-broken, I come to the blood-sprinkled tree;
Thou blest Son of David, have mercy on me! [Refrain]

To Thee, blessed Lord, now my all I resign,
That I may for e’er and ever be Thine.
I’ll go to the Pool that is troubled for sin:
Lord, say the word only, and I shall be clean. [Refrain]

The soul that surrenders to Jesus alone,
Its burdens and cares, its fears all are gone.
There’s love, joy and peace where but sorrow hath been;
The all-healing Fountain is opened for sin. [Refrain]