O Jesus Our Chief Corner Stone

O Jesus, our chief Corner-Stone,
On Thee we rest, on Thee alone!
The Rock of Ages, thou; and we,
As living stones, are built on Thee.

In the beginning, Thou was God;
The heav’ns, by Thee, were spread abroad;
By Thee, was earth’s foundation laid;
Thy pow’r upholds whate’er was made.

We bless Thee, O Immanuel!
Who dost in our own likeness dwell;
Thy human nature, temple true,
Wherein the Father’s face we view.

On hearts in faith confessing thee,
The Christ, the son of God, to be,
The living Church, Thou dost maintain,
And gates of death resist in vain.

O Lord, accept our off’ring free,
And may this house be rear’d for Thee;
On Thee we build, on Thee alone,
O Jesus, Thou our Corner-Stone.