O Jesus Our Lord Thy Name Be Adored

Oh Jesu, our Lord,
Thy Name be ador’d,
For all the rich Blessings convey’d by thy Word.

In Spirit we trace
Thy Wonders of Grace,
And chearfully join in a Concert of Praise.

The Ancient of Days
His Glory displays,
And shines on his chosen with cherishing Rays.

The Trumpet of God
Is sounding abroad,
The Language of Mercy, Salvation through Blood.

Thrice happy are they
Who hear and obey,
And share in the Blessings of this Gospel Day.

The People who know
Their Sav’our below,
With burning Affection to worship him glow.

Their Anguish and Smart,
And sorrow depart,
Who find his Salvation inscrib’d on their Heart.

This Blessing be mine,
Through Favour Divine;
But oh, my Redeemer, the Glory be thine.

The Work is of Grace,
Thine, thine be the Praise;
And mine to adore Thee, and tell of thy Ways.