O Jesus Our Salvation

O Jesus, our Salvation,
Low at Thy cross we lie:
Lord, in Thy great compassion,
Hear our bewailing cry.
We come to Thee with mourning,
We come to Thee in woe;
With contrite hearts returning,
And tears that overflow.

O gracious Intercessor!
O Priest within the veil,
Please for each lost transgressor
The blood that cannot fail.
We lay our sins before Thee,
We tell them one by one:
O for Thy Name’s great glory
Forgive all we have done.

O by Thy cross and passion,
Thy tears and agony,
And crown of cruel fashion,
And death on Calvary;
By all that untold suffering,
Endured by Thee alone,
O Priest, O spotless Offering,
Plead, for Thou didst atone!

And in these hearts now broken
Re-enter Thou and reign,
And say, by that dear token,
We are absolved again.
And build us up, and guide us,
And guard us day by day;
And in Thy presence hide us,
And take our sins away.