O Jesus Savior Can It Be

O Jesus, Savior, can it be
That Thou didst bow Thine head
And suffer death on Calvary?
For me was Thy blood shed?

It was for me, it was for me,
That Thou didst die on Calvary!
Thy grief, Thy woe, Thy death, I know
Were all for me, for me!

The thorns that pressed Thine hallowed brow,
The spear that would not spare,
The nails that fixed Thy loving hands
And held Thee suffering there. [Refrain]

The dreariness, the dread dark hour,
When Thou didst hang alone;
O Christ, what awful woe was Thine,
When Thou didst sin atone! [Refrain]

O cross of Christ, what word thou hast
Of pain and agony!
Oh, help me read that other word-
‘Twas all, ’twas all for me! [Refrain]