O Jesus Savior Christ Divine

O Jesus, Saviour, Christ divine,
When shall I know and feel thee mine
Without a doubt or fear?
With anxious, longing thirst I come
To beg thee make my heart thy home,
And keep me holy here.

What is there that I will not give
To have thee ever with me live
A conquering Christ within?
My life, my all, this blessed day
Down at thy precious feet I lay,
To be redeemed from sin.

O God of pentecostal fame,
Can I not have that living flame
Burning where’er I go?
From sin and self and shame set free,
Can I not lead lost souls to thee,
And conquer every foe?

I can, I do just now believe,
I do the heavenly grace receive,
The Spirit makes me clean.
Christ takes the whole of my poor heart,
No sin shall ever from me part
My Lord who reigns supreme.