O Jesus Savior Hear My Cry

O JESUS, Saviour, hear my cry,
And all my need just now supply!
New power I want, and strength and light,
That I may conquer in the fight.
O let me have, where’er I go,
Thy strength to conquer every foe!

I need thy love my heart to fill,
To tell to all thy blessed will,
And to the hopeless souls make known
The power that dwells in thee alone;
And then wherever I shall go
Thy power shall conquer every foe.

O make my life one blazing fire
Of pure and fervent heart-desire
The lost to find, the low to raise,
And give them cause thy name to praise,
Because wherever I may go
I show thy power to every foe!

Let love be first, let love be last,
Its light o’er all my life be cast;
Come now, my Saviour, from above
And deluge all my soul with love,
So that wherever I may go
Thy love shall conquer every foe.