O Jesus Savior I Long To Rest

O Jesus, Saviour, I long to rest
Near the cross where Thou hast died;
For there is hope for the aching breast,
At the cross I will abide.

At the cross I’ll abide,
At the cross I’ll abide;
At the cross I’ll abide,
There His blood is applied;
At the cross I am sanctified.

My dying Jesus, my Saviour God,
Who hast borne my guilt and sin,
Now wash me, cleanse me with Thine own blood,
Ever keep me pure and clean. [Refrain]

O Jesus, Saviour, now make me Thine,
Never let me stray from Thee;
Oh, wash me, cleanse me, for I am Thine,
And Thy love is full and free. [Refrain]

The cleansing pow’r of Thy blood apply,
All my guilt and sin remove;
Oh, help me, while at Thy cross I lie,
Fill my soul with perfect love. [Refrain]