O Jesus Sweet The Tears I Shed

O Jesus, sweet the tears I shed,
While at Thy cross I kneel,
Gaze on Thy wounded, fainting head,
And all Thy sorrows feel.

My heart dissolves to see Thee bleed,
This heart so hard before;
I hear Thee for the guilty plead,
And grief o’erflows the more.

‘Twas for the sinful Thou didst die,
And I a sinner stand;
What love speaks from Thy dying eye,
And from each pierced hand!

I know this cleansing blood of Thine
Was shed, dear Lord, for me;
For me, for all-O grace divine!
Who look by faith to Thee.

O Christ of God! O spotless Lamb!
By love my soul is drawn;
Henceforth for ever Thine I am,
Here life and peace are born.

In patient hope the cross I’ll bear,
Thine arm shall be my stay;
And Thou, enthroned, my soul shalt spare,
On Thy great judgment day.