O Jesus Trust Of Needy Souls

O Jesus, Trust of needy souls,
A Saviour from their sins, confessed;
Thy pardoning love our fear controls,
And we are blest.

Thou art our joy in sorrow’s day,
To fill with cheer when sore distressed,
To wipe the tears of grief away,–
And we are blest.

A Peace to still the troubled life,
To soothe the mind, and give it rest;
Our refuge in the midst of strife;–
And we are blest.

Our Hope, when earthly hopes have fled,
And, lost in night, we sink oppressed;
Our shield, and Lifter of our head,–
And we are blest.

O Jesus Christ, our Trust and joy,
The Peace, and Hope in which we rest;
Be Thou for song our soul’s employ,
And we are blest.