O Jesus We Bless Thee

O Jesus, we bless Thee for that dear word,
The mothers of Salem so gladly heard;
The word that was tenderly breathed by Thee,
O suffer the children to come to Me.

Blessed Savior, we bring them,
Thine, Thine forever to be;
Yes, Thy mercy so tender
Calleth the children to Thee.

We thank Thee that children can come and share
Thy perfect redemption, Thy love and care;
That Thou dost permit them Thy lambs to be,
And kindly invite them to come to Thee. [Refrain]

May we who instruct them be well supplied
With wisdom to arm them, and grace to guide;
O may our example and words agree,
While trying to lead them, dear Lord, to Thee. [Refrain]

And when at the judgment we all appear,
O, grant us a welcome of joy to hear;
Permit us the light of Thy smile to see,
And bring the dear lambs of the fold to Thee. [Refrain]