O Jesus With Thy Church Abide

O Jesus, with Thy Church abide,
For oft her faith is tried;
O keep her, patient to endure,
And ever trust Thy promise sure.
Be Thou her Saviour, Lord and Guide;
Be with her all the days,
Till safe from error’s devious ways,
She sings Thy praise.

One in faith, one in hope, one in love with Thee;
Lead her on unto heights unknown;
Keep her faithful and true, and from error free,
As the angels around Thy throne.
Fit her all Thy heav’nly joys to share,
In the home for her Thou dost prepare,
Where she sings Thy praise thro’ the endless days,
And is ever blessed There.

O may her voice be ever clear
To warn of judgment near;
Bid all the strife and envy cease,
And grant the gift of heav’nly peace.
O may she one in doctrine be,
In hope and charity;
By winning all in faith to Thee,
Thy words shall prove. [Refrain]

O may she seek the lost, and find,
The broken-hearted bind;
O may her lamp of truth be bright,
Its shades dispelling evil’s night,
O arm her soldiers with the cross,
And, brave to suffer loss,
They count all earthly gain but dross,
Her cause to win. [Refrain]