O Join With The Worshipping Angels To Si

O join with the worshipping angels to sing
Of God our Creator, Preserver and King!
Transcendent in glory, in station most high,
He dazzles with splendor the sun in the sky.

All nature proclaims Him; the outermost star
That hurries away on its mission afar,
Chants abroad, as it flies o’er the wondering earth,
The praises of God in the song of its birth.

The sea shouts aloud to the cloud-cleaving hills,
The vales swell the song with the music of rills;
The earth is His foot-stool, and heaven His throne;
God reigneth for ever, He reigneth alone.

His breath is the wind, and His robe is the light,
His voice is the thunder, His shadow is the night;
He rides on the tempest, He walks on the sea,
Yet feedeth the sparrows, and careth for me.