O Joy Of Earth The Saviors Birth

O joy of earth! A Savior’s birth
To fallen man is granted;
The song of love is sung above,
And shepherds hear it chanted.

Their wakeful eyes with glad surprise
See white-robed angels shining;
The ravished ear a song can hear,
All melody combining:

“Be glory given in highest Heaven,
To God through years unending;
On earth may peace and love increase
God will to men descending.”

In haste they seek that Infant meek,
Whose cradle is a manger,
And at His feet with homage meet
They hail the Heaven-born stranger.

And we with them in Bethlehem
Will seek the Lord of glory,
Will sing His praise through endless days
And tell His wondrous story.

Sweet Babe, so frail! The thorn, the nail
Shall cause Thee bitter sorrow;
But soon Thy night shall end in light,
And bring an Easter morrow.

Thy star divine shall ever shine
To guide the pilgrim stranger;
While faith shall own Thy love alone,
And worship at Thy manger!