O Joy Of Joys God So Did Love

Oh, joy of joys! God so did love
This world and show compassion,
That He sent down from heaven above
His Son for our salvation.
So deep in sin this world was bound,
Had God His Son not given,
Our bonds thus riven,
No help had e’er been found,
However man had striven.

This doth our hearts now satisfy,
And quiets all our terrors,
That Jesus Christ our Lord did die
To save us from our errors.
O God, Thy love to us is great!
Thy mercies are most tender!
Our sole defender,
None in this earthly state
Thee ample praise can render.

He who on Jesus Christ doth trust,
Shall happy be in heaven;
The happiness which once was lost
Through Jesus Christ is given,
For God His Son did never send
Here for our condemnation;
His incarnation
Had for its gracious end
Our joy and our salvation.

But all who turn from Christ away
Shall be condemned for ever;
Their doom is sealed this very day,
And death awaits them ever.
For since they willfully refused
Salvation to inherit
Through Jesus’ merit,
They stand of sin accused,
And so must suffer for it.

All who are faithful unto death
Are given life for ever,
The life which is the fruit of faith
In Jesus Christ our Saviour.
Give us, O Lord, the faith to come
And ever cling to Jesus!
When death releases
Our souls, oh, take them home,
To dwell in heavenly places.