O Joyful Message Sent From Heaven

O joyful message, sent from heaven
To Israel in days of old!
O gracious promise, freely given,
And by inspired seers foretold,
Who prophesied in dismal night:
At eventide it shall be light.

Then Shiloh came, the long-expected,
And night was changed to fairest day.
He came to cheer a world dejected
Tho’ in a lowly crib He lay,
While o’er Him shone the beaming star
That led the wise men from afar.

Down thro’ the years the Gospel story
Has shed its brightness far and near,
And Gentile lands behold the glory
Of Christ, the Morning Star so clear.
Salvation’s beams dispel the night,
And so at even it is light.

O precious hope! With jubilations
We hail Jerusalem on high,
The city fair that hath foundations,
The land of bliss beyond the sky;
There dwell the saints in glory bright,
And evermore it shall be light.