O Joyous Joyous Easter Day

Oh, joyous, joyous Easter day,
Oh, blessed, blessed feast,
When Jesus Christ, our risen Lord,
Becomes our great High Priest.
His body broken feeds our souls,
And blessed life imparts;
His blood, a sacred wine, poured forth,
Renews our fainting hearts.

Alleluia, alleluia,
Let us gladly sing,
Life eternal has been purchased
By our Lord and King.

Oh, joyous, joyous Easter day,
For Christ our risen Lord,
Has conquered death and pow’rs of hell,
By His own spoken word;
And Paradise is opened wide
For all to enter in,
The Lamb of God, the Paschal Lamb,
Redeems from death and sin. [Refrain]

Oh, joyous, joyous Easter day,
For death has now no sting,
The grave has lost its victory
Through Jesus Christ our King.
We “fall asleep,” but we shall wake
And see Him face to face,
Within the New Jerusalem,
Through our Redeemer’s grace. [Refrain]