O Keep Me Holy Father Divine

Oh, keep me holy,
Father divine;
Make me forever
Thine, only thine.
More like thine image,
Lord, would I be;
Draw me still nearer,
Savior, to thee.

Oh, keep me holy,
Father of light;
Lead while the sun shines;
Guard me by night.
Strengthen, protect me,
Guide and console;
Bring me, my Savior,
Safe to the goal.

Oh, keep my holy,
Father above;
Seal in my bosom
Thy burning love.
Thou hast redeemed me,
Cleansed me, I know,
Made one so fallen
White as the snow.

Oh, keep me holy,
Father, I pray;
While here I linger
Keep me each day;
And when my journey
On earth is o’er,
In death receive me,
Thine evermore.