O King Of Glory Hear My Humble Cry

O King of Glory, hear my humble cry;
Shine Thou upon me from Thy throne on high.
Shed Thou, O Lord, Thy love within my heart,
That Thou and I, O Christ, may never part!

May God the Holy Spirit dwell in me,
That all my life a true outshining be.
Lord, write Thy Holy Word upon my mind,
That in Thy truth my feet the path may find.

Go Thou before me, lest my footsteps stray,
Light up the track of Thy most holy way;
Speak Thou to me in accents clear and strong,
Lest Satan’s wiles should lure my soul along.

Be Thou my reward, keep me from the foe;
Lead me in paths wherein the righteous go:
And where Thou goest will I go with Thee-
Only, O Lord, hide not Thy face from me!

Lo! marshalled is the foe and fierce the strife;
O Heavenly Captain, lead me on to life-
The life that has no ending where Thou art!
And write my name, O Lord, upon Thine heart!