O Laden And Weary Who Strive For The Rig

Oh, laden and weary, who strive for the right,
Though earth be all dreary, still trust in His might;
Nor fear for the morrow, that care will betide-
In sickness and sorrow, the Lord will provide.

The Lord will provide, the Lord will provide,
In sickness or sorrow, the Lord will provide.

Though friends look but coldly, and speak not to cheer,
Act firmly, speak boldly, a helper is near-
An armor for shielding, a banner for guide;
Be faithful, unyielding- the Lord will provide. [Refrain]

The battle once over, the tempest all past,
The face of Jehovah will comfort at last.
Earth’s cares, and its sadness, but shortly can hide
Heav’n’s glory and gladness- the Lord will provide. [Refrain]