O Land Fair Land When When Shall I Behol

O land, fair land, when, when shall I behold thee?
Eyes dim with tears and eager for the sight,
Look far away through mists that now enfold me,
For that fair land where there shall be no night.

O land of beauty,
Land far away!
When shall I reach thee,
nevermore to stray?

O land, fair land, beyond our earthly vision,
Oft in our dreams thy golden streets we see;
Oft roam at will amid thy fields elysian,
With those from sin and earthly cares set free. [Refrain]

O land, fair land, our hope and comfort ever,
E’en now by faith we see thee from afar;
May this dear vision fail thy children never,
Grief’s darkest gloom makes brighter ev’ry star. [Refrain]

O land, fair land, for all the broken hearted,
When at the last the summons comes for me;
From those I love no more shall I be parted,
Safely I’ll rest in joy and peace with thee. [Refrain]