O Land Of Bliss Of Grace And Glory

O land of bliss, of grace and glory,
Away from thee I cannot roam;
Thou art my theme and sacred story,
Oh, bring me to my native home.

Bright land of bliss, bright land of bliss,
I long to reach thy shining shore;
Thou art a fairer clime than this,
Bright land, my home forevermore.

Bright land above of wondrous beauty,
Within thy gates I long to be;
And while I do each earthly duty,
My heat is yearning still for thee. [Refrain]

There bursts upon my mystic vision
Glad scenes of that supernal land;
Ere long I’ll reach its shores elysian,
And join that happy angle band. [Refrain]

I’ve read within the sacred pages
There is a place prepared for me,
Where I shall dwell thro’ countless ages
With Christ and all the pure and free. [Refrain]