O Land Of The Morrow The Day Of Delight

O land of the morrow, the day of delight,
The morrow that never shall fade into night,
The morrow of rest, and of comfort for me-
Each moment but brings my soul nearer to thee.

O land of the morrow,
Beyond ev’ry sorrow,
I’m joyfully trav’ling,
I’m trav’ling to thee,
O land of the morrow,
Thy gladness I borrow,
Thy glory already I see, I see.

O land of the morrow, where hearts never break,
Where all of my slumbering good shall awake;
In midst of thy glories my soul shall abide,
And mingle forever with saints glorified. [Refrain]

O land of the morrow, I peer thro’ the gloom,
That hangs like a shadowy mist on the tomb;
And thro’ the deep darkness thy glory I see,
And falter at naught that shall take me to thee. [Refrain]