O Land Of The Purified Home Of The Blest

O land of the purified, home of the blest,
Where earth-weary children find infinite rest,
Where all in the pleasure of heaven may share;
How sweet, O how sweet, it must be to be there.

O mansions so fair,
I long, O I long to be there,
To bask in the smile of our glorious King,
How sweet, O how sweet it must be to be there.

O beautiful Eden, O evergreen shore,
Where dear ones now dwell who have passed on before;
O who would not sigh for the blessed release
That gives to the weary their heaven of peace? [Chorus]

O land where the tempter can never beguile,
Where nothing can enter that e’er will defile;
With toiling all over, the burdens laid down,
The cross interchanged for a beautiful crown. [Chorus]

I long for a sight of Immanuel’s face,
Whose smile is the light and the joy of the place;
Come, angels, and bear me to regions above,
Forever to dwell in the home of his love. [Chorus]