O Lead Me Lord O Gently Lead Me

Oh, lead me, Lord, oh, gently lead me,
The way is lonely, dark and drear;
With many sorrows my heart is weary-
Lord, give me strength my cross to bear.
Dark clouds of trial low hang about me,
No gleam of hope I see,
No ray of light for me;
Lord, lead me gently on.

O blessed Jesus, O loving Savior,
Oh, lead me gently and safely home;
Oh, lead me gently, oh, lead me safely,
Lord, keep me by Thy side.

O loving Christ, O loving Savior,
I long to hear Thy tender voice;
Speak Thou in mercy, oh, speak Thou gentle,
And I shall yet in hope rejoice.
Thy words shall gladden my drooping spirit,
Thy truth shall courage give,
I hear Thy voice and live;
Lord, lead me gently on. [Refrain]

I feel Thee near, my precious Savior,
My path is peaceful now, and bright;
The clouds of darkness that once beset me,
Now glorious are with love and light.
No more my burdens and griefs o’erwhelm me,
Thy face, O Christ, I see,
I know Thou lovest me;
Lord, lead me gently on. [Refrain]