O Leave Your Sheep You Shepherds

Oh, leave your sheep,
Your shepherds on the hills,
Leave fields and rocks,
And all the care of flocks.
Your sorrow deep
Now change to joy that thrills;
Come hither and adore
Your God, your God, your God, who heals your grief so sore.

Come from above,
He in a manger lies,
The holy Child
So innocent and mild!
What perfect love
Has brought Him from the skies
On earth to seek for you!
He is, He is, He is a shepherd kind and true.

O Eastern kings,
Led by a shining star,
Your voices raise
Before the Babe in praise.
Your homage brings
Gifts priceless from afar;
Offer to Him as well
Your hearts, your hearts, your hearts, that in them He may dwell.