O Let Me Come To Thee

Oh, let me come to thee, dear, blessed Master,
Lead me the living way;
Change thou my night of peril and disaster,
To ever-glorious day.

Then, when these transient scenes of earth are ended,
And when time shall be no more,
My soul shall be by heav’nly hosts attended
To that bright shining shore.

Oh, let me bring to thee my care and sorrow,
Make me more truly thine,
And fit my spirit for that bright tomorrow,
Where joy shall e’er be mine. [Refrain]

Oh, let me feel thy gracious love so tender,
Thy changeless care for me;
Help me to make to thee a full surrender,
And be from sin set free. [Refrain]

Oh, let me be with thee when I am dying,
My weary heart at rest,
Up-borne above earth’s sorrow and its sighing,
In thee forever blest. [Refrain]