O Let Me Look To Golgatha

O Let me look to Golgatha,
And my dear Saviour see:
Who on the Cross doth weep and pray
Who bleeds and dies for me.

O may that blood my Jesus spilt,
When he for me was slain;
Cause me to know and feel my guilt!
My guilt of deepest stain.

He died for me, that I should live,
And in his latest breath:
He pray’d the father to forgive,
And save my soul from death.

This precious truth to me reveal’d,
My doubts shall soon remove–
And having thus my pardon seal’d,
My soul is mov’d with love.

The law with all its pow’r and force
Can not effectual be;
To free my soul from sin and curse,
Or work a change in me.

But when my heart can feel it true,
What Christ for me hath done;
My heart must feel and soften too,
For follies, weep and mourn.

Come sinners view the Lamb of God!
Come venture near and try;
The merits of the Saviour’s blood
Will bring Salvation nigh.